Networking in a demanding world

Data communication networks are an important part of our everyday life and vary in size and complexity. DOM Computer Services are registered partners with Cisco, Draytek, Netgear, and TP-link and can provide a Networking solution for the home or business.

Wired Network (LAN)

This type of infrastructure is commonly referred to as Local Area Network or LAN for short and each device is connected via an Ethernet cable. This type of Network is used from the home user right through to large corporations.


The purpose of the Modem is to connect your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to your Router or Firewall. It converts digital data from your computer to analogue so the signal can be sent over the phone line. These devices are available in Modem only or Modem/Router variants.


The Router is used in many ways from connecting together a single network or multiple networks. It allows network connect devices to communicate with the internet securely.
Routers can include many security feature including firewall rules, a virtual private network (VPN) and Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN).


The main purpose of the Switch is to connect all your devices together on the Network whatever size and allows each device to communicate with one another efficiently.
Switches also vary in complexity starting with the unmanaged types which have very few settings and are suitable for the home user, as it works straight out of the box. The managed type are built for security with an extensive range of differing setups available to you. These are more suited to a business based network requiring complex rules.

Wireless Networking

Access Points

Wireless Access Points (AP) allow Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the Wireless Network without the use of cables allowing to you roam around your home or premises. Certain models include features such as 2.4GHz & 5GHz radio bands, rogue AP detection, VLAN support and more.
AP’s are available in indoor or outdoor models.

Wireless Controllers

AP Controllers are an extremely efficient way of administering to your APs’ from one central point saving you time and effort.
This can provided seamless roaming for services like VLANs’, L2 and L3 layers for video, audio including voice over wireless clients. Run routine firmware updates, backup and restore configurations and control admin passwords.
APs’ Controllers are an essential device for Business, Hotels and Restaurants where guest access to your Network is allowed or separation of Internet access is crucial.

Network Storage

Our documents and images are precious to us and virtual impossible to recreate without a backup.

NAS Storage

NAS storage devices are very versatile offering many different configuration for the home or business user. Available in 2 or 8 bay variants with a choice of 2.5" or 3.5" drives which are hot swappable on certain models. Other great features include Automatic Backups, Snapshots, File sharing, Media streaming and more.

Network Security


Firewall/Routers are one of the most crucial parts of any Network especially in light of the number of potential attacks being discovered on regular bases.
These devices are also built with performance in mind with 2 or 4 WAN interfaces allowing you to connect more than one Internet Connection at the same time. These multiple connections can either be used in a load-balancing mode spreading the available bandwidth across all devices or in a failover mode which provides a backup connection to the primary Internet connection
The other typical features of a Firewall are web content filtering, Firewall Rules, QoS (Quality of Service) and VLAN system to keep traffic separate.