Why Hosted VoIP

With this product there is no need for an onsite PBX (Private Branch Exchange) because this is all taken care of remotely, leaving you to get on with business. You can start with a single licence and simply add user licences as your requirements for phone extensions grow. 50% or more savings on communication charges.

Each VoIP Hosted account includes one extension with a UK geographical (01/02) or non-geographical (0845/03) number and with the ability to have two simultaneous calls in progress. Other features included are Hunt Group, Call Queue and many more. See below for full features.

Step 1

Hosted VoIP

Our cloud-based service replaces
traditional PBX’s using ISDN or analogue.

Step 2


Network hardware to allow connection to the Internet and more.

Step 3


IP phones or DECT phones to allow you to make and receive calls.

Features of Hosted VoIP

Inbound Call Features

Business Features

Outbound Call Features

Fraud Prevention